Missing docstrings with Documenter

I am building documentation for my package InfiniteOpt.jl, but I have 4 docstrings that Documenter cannot find for some reason. These correspond to the last 4 function references I make on my Model Transcription page (docs/src/guide/transcribe.md) in a @docs block. These correspond to docstrings for particular typed versions of the functions InfiniteOpt.supports and InfiniteOpt.parameter_refs. These typed versions are defined in a submodule (TranscriptionOpt) (they are defined in src/TranscriptionOpt/model.jl) and show up using the ? help search in the REPL, but Documenter can’t find them. What is even weirder is there are 2 other typed versions of InfiniteOpt.supports with docstrings defined in the same submodule that are picked up by Documenter without issue.

All of the other docstrings defined in the InfiniteOpt and InfiniteOpt.TranscriptionOpt are detected without issue, but I can’t get Documenter to find these 4 docstrings no matter what I try. I have also tried adding an @meta block that calls using InfiniteOpt as described here to no avail.

I realize it is preferable to provide a minimal working example of the problem, but I am having difficulty reproducing it. I would very much appreciate any help figuring out what is wrong. Thanks!

The signatures must match exactly. Do you actually have these methods (with docstrings; from here) anywhere?

InfiniteOpt.supports(::JuMP.Model, ::InfiniteOpt.GeneralConstraintRef)
InfiniteOpt.parameter_refs(::JuMP.Model, ::InfiniteOpt.GeneralConstraintRef)
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Aha, now that I look at it again with fresh eyes I see that the second argument should be InfiniteOpt.InfiniteConstraintRef not InfiniteOpt.GeneralConstraintRef. Just a bug stemming from an old change in the docstring I forgot about. I thought it was probably something fairly minor. Thank you, for your time.