Minimal examples of how to use MPI in JupyterLab

I am looking for minimal examples of how to use MPI in JupyterLab. In particular, I would be most interested in an approach that comes as close as possible to an all-equal approach instead of a master-slave approach. But, it would be nice anyway to get an overview of possible approaches.

Thanks for any hints!!

Did you check out the class on parallel computing at JuliaComputing? It is really good…

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Thanks for the hint @PetrKryslUCSD! I will have a look if this topic is dealt with in this course.

@PetrKryslUCSD, the course you suggested contains a section Distributed Computing, yet it does not deal with the topic about how to use MPI in JupyterLab (nor with MPI in general).
I would be grateful for other hints.