[ANN] MPI.jl 0.20

I’m happy to announce the latest release of MPI.jl, version 0.20. It is our hope that this will serve as a release candidate for future version 1.0.

The biggest change by far in this release is the configuration procedure for selecting custom MPI implementations. Instead of the previous environment variable + Pkg.build steps, we now use the MPIPreferences.jl package for selecting the implementation. See Configuration · MPI.jl for more details.

Other notable changes:

  • introduction of keyword arguments to common communication operations
  • RequestSet for reducing allocations in MPI.Waitall and friends
  • Clang.jl wrap of entire low-level MPI API
  • Some much improved documentation

Thank you to all the contributors, especially @vchuravy, @giordano, @t-bltg, @sloede, @luraess, @ranocha, @schnetter