Metadata.jl Pull Requests

Hi all,

I am a newbie to Julia attempting to submit my package for consideration. I created a pull request to Metadata.jl using attobot, and then it just sat for around a month before it was closed. There were no additional comments so I’m a little confused what the process is for actually getting a package approved? Was there something I was supposed to do in the interim period?

Thanks for any help.

That definitely doesn’t sound normal. If you can link to the metadata PR that was closed, perhaps we can figure out why.

Probably because it failed CI ( I am not sure what the error means in that context since I am not exactly sure how JuliaCIBot tests things (you can ask on the METADATA PR what the problem is.) However, some things I noted:

  1. You don’t have all your dependencies in the REQUIRE file (excluding Julia’s standard libraries, like Pkg, Statistics and Test).

  2. The uuid of the package is not compatible with how METADATA works, you should use the output of

    julia> using Pkg
    julia> Pkg.METADATA_compatible_uuid("OpenStreetMap2")
  3. You have some unused dependencies, like Revise. This is not a problem, but unecessary.

Thanks! I will try again after fixing those issues.