MeshIO, BasicGeometry, AbstractPlotting -- type mismatchs and incompatibility

I had some Julia code that loaded in OBJ format files into Meshes and then plotted them with mesh! or wireframe! using Makie, etc. I stored the obj after loading in a struct where the obj mesh type had to be set to: GeometryBasics.FaceMesh{3,Float32,GeometryBasics.GLTriangleElement} to make it work.

I updated to Julia 1.5.1 and in this same package, the BasicGeometry and AbstractGeometry started conflicting with each other over Point3f0, so I had to fully qualify those as BasicGeometry.Point3f0. I don’t know why those were no longer compatible.

But I can’t get past this error with the Mesh not being able to identify the MeshIO type:

I define the object based on the error I got which was:

So in my code, I have, among other lines of code:

using FileIO
using AbstractPlotting
using GeometryBasics
const ObjMeshType = GeometryBasics.Mesh{3,Float32,GeometryBasics.Ngon{3,Float32,3,GeometryBasics.Point{3,Float32}},FaceView{GeometryBasics.Ngon{3,Float32,3,GeometryBasics.Point{3,Float32}}}}
#const ObjMeshType = GeometryBasics.GLNormalMesh
#const ObjMeshType = GeometryBasics.FaceMesh{3,Float32,GeometryBasics.GLTriangleElement}

struct GraphicObject
        obj::ObjMeshType  #Loaded with load

I get the following abnoxious error, which I don’t understand because I’ve told it the mesh type.

  GeometryBasics.Mesh{3,Float32,GeometryBasics.Ngon{3,Float32,3,GeometryBasics.Point{3,Float32}},FaceView{GeometryBasics.Ngon{3,Float32,3,GeometryBasics.Point{3,Float32}}}} to an object of type and the error message seems to be telling me something else.
  GeometryBasics.AbstractMesh{GeometryBasics.Ngon{Dim,Float32,3,GeometryBasics.PointMeta{Dim,Float32,GeometryBasics.Point{Dim,Float32},(:normals,),Tuple{GeometryBasics.Vec{3,Float32}}}}} where Dim

The structure GraphObject initializes the obj field with a load(filename) to an OBJ file.

Any thoughts on how to debug this?

Best Regards,
Allan Baker