Medical segmentation framework are you intrested?

Hello I developed medical image viewer plus annotator based on OpenGL [1]
And set of CUDA accelerated medical segmentation metrics [2]
Currently I am working on example of using those two with some user defined CUDA.jl custom functions and persistency layer based on HDF5. Basically the philosophy behind all of this is to enable fantastic possibilities of CUDA.jl and multiple other Julia packages to be applied to medical segmentation.

I am writing here because I am considering to apply to JuliaCon to conduct workshops showing How to use the framework.

Would you be intrested in it? What primarly You would like to see?

[1] MedEye3d.jl/ at master · jakubMitura14/MedEye3d.jl · GitHub
[2] GitHub - jakubMitura14/MedEval3D.jl: Set of CUDA accelerated medical segmentation metrics.


I’d be very interested. Without digging into your packages I couldn’t be more specific about what I want to see.

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