Mean of array

Unfortunately, i am a complete newbie to julia and need some help. I have an Array with pretty different point and should compute a straighter curve, probably of means. Does anybody know how i can do this, are there packages helping me?

is it straight or curve? if by straighter you mean smoother, you may want to plot rolling average, either manually do some processing or use some package like

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A smoothing kernel may be appropriate:

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I think you mean

“I have a very noisy signal. I want to filter out the noise and have the base signal instead”

But to do that you need to know what characteristic the noise have. And what characteristic the signal have. For example, if you knew the signal is SLOW CHANGING then you can use a filter to filter out the high frequencies in your data.

As others have mentioned, you can start with a simple MOVING AVERAGES algorithm.

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