Material for discussing differences/advantages between Julia, R, Python, Matlab, and C



Hi all,

I’m doing a short presentation (more of a discussion leader type role actually) next week on Julia versus R, Python, Matlab, and C, and just wanted to ask the community if they’re aware of any useful resources online (articles/benchmarks/forum threads and discussions etc) that might give me some good ideas to put into a couple of slides?

The audience is mostly quant finance practitioners, but many of them will be just as interested in hearing about the inner workings of the language as in the practical applications (I plan to spend a bit of time on both).

Thanks in advance.



I’ve used this notebook: which has been developed by @stevengj @alanedelman @tkoolen and myself. It shows some nice interactive benchmarks of Julia vs. C, Python, and NumPy.


For Julia vs Python/Numpy/Numba, have a look at this thread, especially Stefan Karpinsky’s entry in it: Julia motivation: why weren’t Numpy, Scipy, Numba, good enough?



Thanks for this. Exactly the kind of thing I was looking for!


Lots of useful stuff in there. Thank you very much!