MarkerElement allowable shapes

I was searching for which shape symbols are allowable in MarkerElements for the marker kwarg. I identified :circle was what I needed, but wasn’t able to find where the possibilities are documented. Using characters like o is shown here, but that doesn’t have color.

MarkerElement is just using Scatter, so all markers that work with that can be used. In general, the way it works currently is that any character within Dejavu Sans, which is hardcoded as the Scatter font, can be used. Here is a list of additional symbols that have been overloaded and are just converted to certain characters. As far as I can see, these are not documented anywhere, though. There are tons of Unicode symbols that are useful as markers beyond that small set.


I usually use this list

Marker Symbols:
    + => +
    diamond => ◆
    star4 => ✦
    star8 => ✷
    star6 => 🟋
    rtriangle => ▶
    x => x
    circle => ●
    pentagon => ⬟
    vline => ┃
    cross => ✚
    xcross => ❌
    rect => ■
    ltriangle => ◀
    dtriangle => ▼
    utriangle => ▲
    star5 => ★
    octagon => ⯄
    hline => ━
    hexagon => ⬢

Ah yeah that’s useful, although that does kind of hide the fact that much more are available, just not specifically named.