Manage dependencies to unofficial packages


I have two (public) packages on github where one depends on the other. As it seems now, doing Pgk.add on the one with the dependency does not work out of the box, one must first manually install the other one.

Is there some convenient way to track dependencies to unofficial packages?

When I add an unofficial package the URL get registered in the project manifest, but by default (at least when using PkgTemplates) it is not checked in. Project.toml only has the package name and uuid, but I guess none of those mean anything without the package being in some manifest, or?


depends on the above:

I think I found the answer:

I used the wrong terminology when searching (“unofficial” instead of “unregistered”) but after re-reading the pkg documentation I got it right.

I opted for adding a before_install script to CI like this:
julia -e ‘using Pkg; Pkg.add(PackageSpec(url=“GitHub - DrChainsaw/NaiveNASlib.jl: Relentless mutation!!”));’