Packages that depend on unregistered packages

Hi All,

I have a package that was registered pre-0.7 and that has a REQUIRE file and not a Project.toml file. I want to make improvements to this package and tag an update. The improvements that I want to make will make my package dependent on ForwardDiff (which is registered) and on MySillyPackage (which is unregistered). I have created the Project.toml file by editing an existing Project.toml file and following the steps in the second post of this thread (Convert REQUIRE to Project.toml and Manifest.toml).

However, pushing the Project.toml file to the github repository for my registered package in place of the REQUIRE file (and making no other changes) leads to a failure on Travis CI. The problem is that the unregistered package has no known versions. Is there a solution to this problem, or do I simply have to register MySillyPackage?



You can Pkg.add it in the Travis script before the test run directly from the repo URL, but in the long run if you are cleaning up the dependent package to be registered anyway then it might just make sense to register MySillyPackage (I hope that the name is just a metasyntactic variable though :wink:)

Thanks Tamas. Are you able to point me to a .travis.yml file that adds multiple unregistered dependent packages that I can use as an example.

I tried many things. The following seems to work for the first package, but not the second:

  - julia -e 'using Pkg;