MakieCon 2023

MakieCon 2023

We’re happy to announce our first MakieCon!
The conference will take place at the Max Planck Institute for Biogeochemistry in Jena, Germany, from April 18-20.

If you want to join, please fill out the application form:

Deadline January 10th

We need to limit the applicants to around 30, so be quick to sign up if you want to come.


  • High performance computing and interactive visualizations with GPUs
  • Work on new features like recipes and better interactive APIs
  • Exposure of the julia ecosystem to scientists/potential users in the climate science domain.
  • Get acquainted with the language as well as the current development of visualizations tools to help communicate our science better

Confirmed Attendees

Simon Danisch, Julius Krumbiegel, Pietro Vertechi, Frederic Freyer, Frederik Banning, Anshul Singhvi, George Datseris. Benedikt V. Ehinger, Michael Krabbe Borregaard, Hans Wuerfel, Fabian Greimel, Florian Atteneder. Bogumił Kamiński


That is one impressive guest list! Sounds amazing.


I’m really happy we got this organized thanks to @lazarusA and his institute :slight_smile:

We also just put up a blogpost with a preliminary agenda:

Looking forward to see everyone in a couple of months :slight_smile:


Are you planning to stream the sessions online?


Yes, whenever possible a live stream will be available.


Deadline is approaching. Last days to fill in the application.


Is there a hotel people can recommend staying at?

This depends on your budget. I would say, on a cheaper budget this would be a good option:

This is a bit remote from the city center but a nice twenty minute walk to the Institute where MakieCon is taking place.

Another option is to stay directly at the City centre and take the bus to the Institute which would take roughly ten minutes.

Good hotels in the City Centre would be:

There might be special offers for people visiting our campus according to this:
I am awaiting an answer by our secretary, whether this also applies to MakieCon visitors.

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That sounds nice. Would be fun to stay at the same hotel if we are many coming from abroad.

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MakieCon is moving closer and we’re happy to announce the confirmed speakers!
Talks will be streamed & recorded!


Wow that’s an impressive line-up! <3
Would be amazing in the future to get some more genders interested in Makie :slight_smile:


We’re really happy to announce a Geo visualization track forMakieCon23 :slight_smile: Looking forward to have this area much more polished in Makie going forward!


See the final agenda. Note, that although we have several talks, the second most important part of the event is the exchange of ideas between users and developers, and of course among developers as well. Note the Hackathons’s slots :smile:

#MakieCon starts today, follow the event here: Launch Meeting - Zoom and updates at MakieCon | Max Planck Institute for Biogeochemistry!


Thank @lazarusA and the speakers and all the persons involved for the meeting. I could only follow part of the presentations. Will the video recordings be available? (And if so, where?)

The video recordings will be available after we edited them. We will announce here were the ended up.


The MakieCon presentations are available as a playlist on the JuliaLang youtube channel here: