Makie coloring of surface plots

My understanding is that when generating surface plots in Makie, colors are assigned per vertex. I’m surprised that when I run the small sample code below, which assigns one color value for each vertex in a 4 by 3 set of points, the color seems to be assigned midway between points. Specifically, in the screen grab showing the displayed plot, the red values show at x=0.5 instead of x=0.0.

  • is this expected?
  • is there a way to have colors applied at the desired points?

To run the sample code, I am using the Julia 1.0 REPL, and when the code is in a file mweColor.jl, I type include(mweColor.jl).

Code (output image follows):

using Makie 


xPlotGrid = [x1vals[ix] for ix in 1:length(x1vals), iy in 1:length(x2vals)]
yPlotGrid = [x2vals[iy] for ix in 1:length(x1vals), iy in 1:length(x2vals)]
zPlotGrid = [0.0 for ix in 1:length(x1vals), iy in 1:length(x2vals)]

myColArray = [ if i==2
               end for i in 1:length(x1vals), j in 1:length(x2vals)]

scene = Scene()
surface!(scene,xPlotGrid, yPlotGrid, zPlotGrid, color=myColArray)

# sanity check of color assignment:
for i in 1:length(x1vals)



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Looks like a bug :wink:

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Hmmmm, I will not try to argue with you! :thinking:

I’ve tried to look into the internals of Makie in the src directory without success; I cannot find where the vertex info is set up (it doesn’t help either that my limited experience with OpenGL was some years ago…)

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