Makie TextBox focus

When I create a vector of Textboxes and then click into each of them it is possible to have more than one TextBox with the .focused property set to true. This causes problems when setting .restriction.

When I click on a Textbox, those textboxes with a grid index < the index of the textbox I clicked on are set to .focused=false but those with a grid index > the index of the textbox I clicked on remain unchanged.

using GLMakie
function RestrictTest_nothing(inputchar)::Bool
    return false
function RestrictTest_anything(inputchar)::Bool
    return true

textboxes = Vector{Any}(undef,12)
fig = Figure(resolution=(500, 500));display(fig)
TextboxGrid = fig[1,1] = GridLayout(width=200,height=40)
textboxes[1] =  Textbox(TextboxGrid[1,1],placeholder="tb1",width=200,restriction=RestrictTest_nothing)
textboxes[2] =  Textbox(TextboxGrid[2,1],placeholder="tb2",width=200)
textboxes[3] =  Textbox(TextboxGrid[3,1],placeholder="tb3",width=200,restriction=RestrictTest_nothing)
println("Textbox focus =", textboxes[1].focused[]," ",textboxes[2].focused[]," ",textboxes[3].focused[])
# now click on textbox[1] then textbox[2] then textbox[3]  - textbox[3].focus=true textbox[1:2].focus=false
println("Textbox focus =", textboxes[1].focused[]," ",textboxes[2].focused[]," ",textboxes[3].focused[])
#now click on textbox[2] then textbox[1] () - textbox[1:3].focus=true
println("Textbox focus =", textboxes[1].focused[]," ",textboxes[2].focused[]," ",textboxes[3].focused[])

I would really like to control the focus so that only one Textbox has focus at any time. When more than one Textbox has focus and I try to type text restricted characters into a Textbox, they just appear in another Textbox that is also selected but has no restriction.

Is there way I can ensure only one Textbox is selected at a time?