Makie - Testing GLMakie with correct ReferenceTests

I am trying to get interactive plotting to work on my machine using either GLMakie or CairoMakie. Currently, both display a window with a black screen and then it seemingly crashes with no information.

To try and see if I can manage to find some solution, I attempted to test both GLMakie and CairoMakie. The test failed with ERROR: expected package ReferenceTests [d37af2e0] to be registered. After an annoying search, I found that it is a custom ReferenceTests package in the Makie repo.

How do I register this package so that I can test the package so that I can try and figure out why it is not working as expected?

Yeah, that still need some fixing. After we moved all packages to a mono repo, it became harder to run the tests:
In the github action, you can see how to set things up:

Namely, clone the Makie repository and run:

pkg"dev . MakieCore GLMakie ReferenceTests; test Makie"