Makie - Reuse axis / Clear plots

Hello!! Is there a way to clean everything that has been plot into an Axis but keepong the axis?

I know of convenient methods to create a new Axis within a given fugure, passing a Dict with parameters in order to set it up, but I’d like to preserve one that I have already created because it is linked to another axis. Is this possible?

Bonus: I’ve tried to look it up in the docs, but I can’t find it anywhere. If it shows up, could you point me to where it is, so I can have it at hand for future reference? Thanks!

Since right now there’s this

Thanks! Maybe it’d be great to have this function documented in the API section, and an example incorporated to the “Layout Tutorial” (maybe even the “Basic Tutorial”?).

Thanks a bunch.

I have the same question and, unfortunately, the link is broken. Could you post the solution?

Found it: Layoutables

To remove layoutables from their layout and the figure or scene, use delete!(layoutable).