Makie record without live plotting / sleep = false not implemented

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I did look into the source code and it seems like the option sleep = true or false is not implemented in order to avoid the live plotting. Is there another way to obtain the same effect ?


In GLMakie you can try

GLMakie.set_window_config!(framerate = Inf, vsync = false)

before opening a window. That should bring you in a mode where we don’t sleep on Julias side and GLFW runs as fast as possible.

I’d assume CairoMakie would run as fast as possible to begin with. WGLMakie I have no idea about

Thanks, although, the window still shows up but then stops and I get (I’m running this in windows)
GLFWError (PLATFORM_ERROR): WGL: Failed to make context current: The handle is invalid. ... Screen not open!