[Makie] "MetaData array needs to have same length as data" error with observables and contourf

I try to plot an animation of contours with GLMakie and GeoMakie, using observables.
This used to work , but I updated my Julia from 1.7.2 to 1.8 then it broke, with the error in the title occurring. I reverted to 1.7.2, removed all packages, reinstalled them (standard procedure), but it still throws the same error. I updated the packages to the latest versions, but it still does the same. I guess this as something to do with the observable variable because a simple countourf plot of the inputData works

using  GLMakie , GeoMakie , Makie , Makie.ColorSchemes , Observables ,  MakieTeX , LazyGrids ,FileIO
nLat = 181
nLon = 221
nt  = 500
inputData = Array{Float64,3)(undef , nLat , nLon , nt)
field = permutedims(inputData , (2,1,3))
latLim = (30,75)
lonLim = (-30,25)
points = (longitudeOfaRefPoint, latitudeOfaRefPoint)
imgName = "animationContour.mkv" 
titleString = "animationStep: "
idx = Observable(1)

data = lift(idx) do i
  field[ :, :, i] 

titlestr = lift(x -> titleString*" = "*string(x), idx)
fig = Figure(resolution = (2560 , 1440))
ga = GeoAxis(
fig[1, 1],
coastlines = true,
dest = "+proj=eqc",
lonlims = lonLim,
latlims = latLim,
title = titlestr)

sp = contourf!(ga, lons, lats, data ; shading=false, colormap=:inferno)
scatter!(ga , points , color="white" ,  markersize=20)
cb = Colorbar(fig[1, 2],sp)

record(fig, imgName, 1:size(field, 3); framerate = 30) do i
  idx[] = i

GLMakie v0.6.13
GeoMakie v0.4.2
Makie v0.17.13
Observables v0.5.1
MakieTeX v0.2.3
LazyGrids v0.4.0
FileIO v1.15.0

This seems to be a regression stemming from changes to poly which underlies contourf. I think there’s already an issue for it on Github, so hopefully it will be fixed soon. You could revert to an earlier version of Makie, probably v0.17.12 will work as the changes went into 13

Thank you Jules. Indeed there is a GitHub issue opened but so far, no answer.
Reverting back to v0.17.12 worked.