[GeoMakie] contourf animation changes color range for each update of "record"

I have a simple GeoAxis contourf animation, that iterates over time.
The problem is that at each update of the record function, the color range changes, which can be seen as the colorbar changes ticks constantly. I would like the color range to be absolute over all timesteps

Here is my code (using GLMakie, GeoMakie)

total_crange = colorLims #the extrema over all data
field = structFun #This is the data with the third dimension as time
field = permutedims(field,(2,1,3))
colorRange = repeat([0 1],size(field,3),2) # I repeat the colorRange N times 
points = (lonMsa, latMsa) 
idx = Observable(1)

data = lift(idx) do i
    field[ :, :, i] 

titlestr = lift(x -> "scale(hours) = "*string(x), idx)

colorRange2 = lift(idx) do i

fig = Figure(resolution = (2560 , 1440))
ga = GeoAxis(
fig[1, 1],
coastlines = true,
dest = "+proj=eqc",
lonlims = lonLim,
latlims = latLim,
title = titlestr)

sp = contourf!(ga, lons, lats, data ; shading=false, colormap=:inferno, colorrange=colorRange2)
scatter!(ga , points , color="white" ,  markersize=20)
cb = Colorbar(fig[1, 2],sp)

record(fig, imgName, 1:size(field, 3); framerate = 30) do i
    idx[] = i

Contourf uses the colormap and picks the colors from it using the different levels. So it doesn’t use the passed colorrange. You could probably fix the levels instead of the colorrange?

Yes, that’s what I did, but I reiterate the same code on different data, and I sometimes have the error “no meshes to merge” associated with the fixed levels (if i remove the fixed levels option from contourf the error disappears).

Maybe it doesn’t like empty vectors, if you can, make a minimal reproducing example and open an issue on Github