Makie - Long plotting times for 3D plots using CairoMakie

I’m trying to record a video of a 3D plot using CairoMakie. My plot consists of one surface! in a (205, 205, 40) size region, and approximately 300 spheres scattered around the same region. Each frame take around 17s to render, which seems absurdly long. GLMakie is much faster, but the output file I get contains only colorful television static. I’m using Julia 1.6.1 with GLMakie v0.4.2 and CairoMakie v0.6.2. Any help is appreciated.

You should open an issue about that with details about your platform etc, this should definitely work!

CairoMakie is expected to be pretty slow for complex 3d scenes…It’s not build for that, and we haven’t spent any time optimizing it yet.