[Makie.jl] Changing axes font sizes on 3D plots like surface

Dear All,
While Makie.jl’s documentation and some threads here suggest using functions like the following:

fontsize_theme = Theme(fontsize = 30)
update_theme!(fontsize = 36)

they work just fine only for 2D plots. What i am trying to do is to change the font size for 3D surface plots, for example using this code snippet here (surface):

using SparseArrays
using LinearAlgebra
using GLMakie

# This example was provided by Moritz Schauer (@mschauer).

function gridlaplacian(m, n)
    S = sparse(0.0I, n*m, n*m)
    linear = LinearIndices((1:m, 1:n))
    for i in 1:m
        for j in 1:n
            for (i2, j2) in ((i + 1, j), (i, j + 1))
                if i2 <= m && j2 <= n
                    S[linear[i, j], linear[i2, j2]] -= 1
                    S[linear[i2, j2], linear[i, j]] -= 1
                    S[linear[i, j], linear[i, j]] += 1
                    S[linear[i2, j2], linear[i2, j2]] += 1
    return S

# d is used to denote the size of the data
d = 150

 # Sample centered Gaussian noise with the right correlation by the method
 # based on the Cholesky decomposition of the precision matrix
data = 0.1randn(d,d) + reshape(
        cholesky(gridlaplacian(d,d) + 0.003I) \ randn(d*d),
        d, d)

#Any additions with the functions from the above snippet do not work here, just putting some of the examples below (around the surface function):
fontsize_theme = Theme(fontsize = 30)
surface(data; shading=false, colormap = :deep)
update_theme!(fontsize = 36)

I would be grateful for any solution for this problem, as i am trying to use Makie.jl for manuscript production graphs (i don’t want to go back to Plots.jl for that…).
Many thanks in advance!

you could always go back to the OldAxis…

axis = ax.scene[OldAxis]

see example

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Thank you a lot, Lázaro!
It did help and now i got some nice figures. You provided a solution.
However, i hit another wall) Will likely post another question om Makie.jl soon enough:)