Makie - How to put contour3d and surface upon the same figure?

Hi All,

I’m trying to get a simple figure using this in a Jupyter notebook:

using GLMakie, AbstractPlotting 


ξ = LinRange(-1, 1, 50)
η = LinRange(-1, 1, 50)
ϕ₁(ξ) = (1 .- ξ)./2
ϕ₂(ξ) = (1 .+ ξ)./2
ϕ₁₁ = [ϕ₁(ξ_).*ϕ₁(η_) for ξ_ in ξ, η_ in η]
ϕ₁₂ = [ϕ₁(ξ_).*ϕ₂(η_) for ξ_ in ξ, η_ in η]

Axis(fig[1,1]) # in this case no effect! # Axis3 is not recognized here, but it does in REPL

c = GLMakie.contour3d(ξ,η,ϕ₁₁,linewith=5.0,levels=20) # 'c' apparently doesn't matter either for this example
GLMakie.surface!(ξ,η,ϕ₁₁,transparency=true)#,axis=(type=Axis3,)) # Axis3 not working!, even commenting the Axis(fig..) line


But only by separately shows the contour and the surface, but not both. I’m using GLMakie v0.1.30, AbstractPlotting v0.15.27 and Makie v0.13.9 in Julia 1.6.0. Thanks!

You’re on old versions. Try removing AbstractPlotting (and only use the backend in your code) and explicitly add ]add GLMakie@0.3.2 for the newest version.
For jupyter, you also may consider WGLMakie.
And you don’t really need the display(fig) call