Makie - How to get a (single) random color for a line/scatter/segment, etc?

Makie.jl question:
This code puts a red dot in a 2d axes

scatter([1],[2], color=:red)

but I want to have a dot with a random color.
The docs say that I can pass a Real number to the color attribute, but when I do this:

scatter([1],[2], color=5)

I get this:

Error showing value of type Makie.FigureAxisPlot:
ERROR: program 53 not linked. Error in: (...)

I would like to do something like

scatter([1],[2], color=(rand(0:255)))

Any suggestions?
Thanks for your time!

scatter(Point2f(rand(2)...), color = RGBf(rand(3)...), markersize = 20)

Thank you so much, lazarusA!