Makie - How to choose alignment of an axis that does not fill its allocated layout

When choosing DataAspect for an axis and setting the limits manually, it is not uncommon for an axis to not fill all the space at its disposition. As far as I know this is unavoidable since in this case the aspect ratio of the layout space and of the axis are chosen independently.

However is there a way to align the axis along one of the border, instead of having centered in its allocated space?

For example in the following I would like to have a 0 gap between the rows, by aligning the top axes to the bottom of their allocated boxes and the bottom axes to the top of their. Having a bit of extra space on top and bottom in this case is in this case less of a concern than a gap in between.

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I have thought about adding an additional parameter to Axis for this, like another align. Just wondering what that should be called

Why not reusing valign and halign? Those keywords already allow to position an axis that doesn’t fill the layout when the width and height are given manually (e.g. for inset), and seems to do nothing otherwise.

Hm I guess it’s unlikely that those two uses would conflict, I’d have to think about it some more