Makie animation: type FigureAxisPlot has no field plots

Hi i am trying to run the example code in Animation · Makie.jl, but got an error of

type FigureAxisPlot has no field plots

getproperty(::Makie.FigureAxisPlot, ::Symbol)@Base.jl:33
(::Main.workspace24.var"#1#2")(::Int64)@Local: 8
var"#Record#922"(::Int64, ::typeof(Makie.Record), ::Main.workspace24.var"#1#2", ::Makie.FigureAxisPlot, ::UnitRange{Int64})@display.jl:595
top-level scope@Local: 7

here is the code

	using Makie
	scene = lines(rand(10); linewidth=10)
	record(scene, "line_changing_colour.mp4", 1:255; framerate = 60) do i
	       scene.plots[2][:color] = RGBf0(i/255, (255 - i)/255, 0) # animate scene
	       # `scene.plots` gives the plots of the Scene.
	       # `scene.plots[1]` is always the Axis if it exists,
	       # and `scene.plots[2]` onward are the user-defined plots.

Usually if I want to plot something, it only works if I write using Plots; Plots.plot()

If I only say plots(), it will not work.

this time I cannot figure out which part is wrong, anyone help? many thanks!

I’m pretty certain MakieGallery docs is quite outdated at this point, the link you probably want to follow is Animations which should work with current makie.

Thanks, I should be aware of this!