Make text annotations using the algebra of graphics

is there a way to implement text annotations using mapping() ?
If possible I would like to know how to annotate text at the bottom or tip of little thin arrows.
If not possible withing AoG, I would like to know how to do it with the help of Makie.
I tried to find this information in the web but couldn’t solve it.
Thank you very much.

Should be mapping(:x, :y, text = :text) * visual(Text), the signature of Text is now similar to Scatter et al. Maybe with :text => verbatim if AoG wants to convert it to numbers otherwise.

Thank you both. It gives me error when I write

type ERROR: UndefVarError: Text not defined
 [1] plot_splus_streams(df::DataFrame, file::String)
   @ Main /mnt/md1/mmestre/work/2022/RiosDelCosmos/footprints/galstreams.jl:75
 [2] top-level scope
   @ /mnt/md1/mmestre/work/2022/RiosDelCosmos/footprints/galstreams.jl:117
or paste code here

Besides this issue, how could I annotate with text+little arrows?

Makie.Text then, I think Base has a Text as well.