`make testall` noninteractively?

Is there a way to run make testall noninteractively? I want to do something along the lines of

nice make testall1 &> make.tests.julia-1.5.0.$(date +'%Y%m%d-%H%M%S').log &

but the tests hang. Presumably this has to do with line 179 in test/runtests.jl which is trying to read a character. Maybe having only 1 thread is causing a deadlock in this case. (I haven’t read the code that deeply yet.) And maybe isa(stdin, Base.TTY) isn’t quite the right thing for testing interactiveness?

julia --print 'isa(stdin, Base.TTY)' &> out.txt # not interactive!
cat out.txt # true

More worryingly, if I run the tests interactively (just nice make testall1), I can’t interrupt them with Ctrl+c nor suspend them with Ctrl+z; I have to kill them from a separate terminal. This seems buggy. Is this intended behavior? (Again maybe this is only an issue with 1 thread.)

I have a build script that doesn’t work any more due to this. (I haven’t run the script in a while as I’m just getting back to Julia after a few years – pre Julia 1.) Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks.

Yep, there’s definitely something with 1 vs. more threads here. Running the tests with two threads allows me to Ctrl+c but not Ctrl+z. However, Ctrl+c doesn’t kill the two workers! make exits but two julia processes are still running. (Thankfully, there are some warnings about forcibly interrupting busy workers and not being able to remove a process, however.)