Make fixing tests easier

Hi all :slight_smile:

I’m currently fixing lot’s of tests. It’s quite annoying xD

To questions:

  • is there any UI to polish and sort the stack traces
  • is there a setting in the test PKG to enable debug mode. So that at every error one only gets on stack trace with the current state of all the variables at that point? If not would that be a feature that we want to have?


Vis-à-vis stack traces, Julia 1.10 is substantially nicer than 1.9 thanks to shorter type printing. I would suggest you install the latest alpha version with juliaup and work on it. For even more conciseness, you can use AbbreviatedStackTraces.jl.

Can’t help you with debug mode for tests, but I know that the testitem framework for VSCode makes it much faster to run and debug individual tests


using TestEnv.jl to interactively run tests in the REPL (vs-code or otherwise) is I find often a better way to fix tests.
Since then you can inspect state like the current value of all variables interactively.

And you don’t need to run all tests to get to the one (or part of one) you are working on.


Adding support for the full debugger and the ability to inspect state (i.e. variables) of individual test item runs are both things on my list that would be cool for test items in VS Code, but no promises when I will get to actually implementing that :slight_smile: If you had a choice, which one would you prefer first?


+1 for TestItems.jl, I think it is underappreciated.


Deeeeebugger! That would be such a game changer. Also, thank you for all your work :smiling_face:

If I had the choice I would choose the debugger :slight_smile: