Macros for compositional modeling in Catalyst not working

Dear all,
I try to get into compositional modeling of reaction systems using the Catalyst.jl package.
However, when I want to execute just their tutorial from the documentation,

using Catalyst
degradation_component = @network_component begin
  d, X --> 0

I will get the error that the macro @network_component is not defined.
I am using the latest stable release of catalyst v13.5.1 and Julia v1.10.4.

Anyone a suggestion where this error could originate from?

Thanks a lot in advance.


You are looking at the dev version of the documentation, which contains information regarding unreleased features that are only available on the master branch. The normal documentation is available here: Home · Catalyst.jl

The @network_component macro will be available on v14, which should be released any day now, possibly already tomorrow (unless something unexpected happens).

Ahh, I see. Thanks a lot for your help.

Then I will happily but impatiently wait for the new release.
I think this compositional modeling is a really cool feature and I am looking forward to try it out.


(you are actually able to do compositional modelling right now: Compositional Modeling of Reaction Systems · Catalyst.jl, there are just some minor differences coming in the new release, here is a summary of the important differences coming: Version 14 Migration Guide · Catalyst.jl)

Thanks for the remark.
Since we are already on that topic.
If I build a compartment-based model as in the documentation. Is there a way to use the same parameter in the different compartment.
So far it will prefix the parameter names with the compartment name and treat them as separate. However, I kind of want to have compartments with the same dynamics within and just different movement between them.

Sorry for the delay, you should be able to find some info here Composing Models and Building Reusable Components · ModelingToolkit.jl