Macro CheatSheet for Julia 2024.01

Hey Julianners,

I created a not so hard to read and hopefully clean Julia Cheat Sheet for macros.

This is I think a very good way to fill the gaps on the harder parts.

It is worth to check it here the page is wider: JuliaMacroCheatSheet/ at main · Cvikli/JuliaMacroCheatSheet · GitHub

Check it out and let me know if you see any mistakes. Any contribution is welcomed!
I hope it can be helpful for a lot of people.


This would have really helped me when I was starting out with macros! One correction: Interpolated variables are qualified in the module where the macro is defined, which isn’t necessarily Main: a macro in MyModule will expand a to MyModule.a. I’m still giving it a read through but this stood out.

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Thanks! :wink: For me it would helped a lot too.

Indeed, good point! I corrected it!