macOS Mojave

Apple are just about to release an update to their OS called Mojave. Has anyone been testing Julia with Mojave?

Last year the High Sierra upgrade stopped my Julia system working for about a week (I’m looking at you, HomeBrew!) So I’d like to know whether it all works well before upgrading.

would make sense to scan

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With Mojave I’ve had no problems. I did not yet install Xcode 10. Upgrading Xcode usually is more problematic (typically returns an unsupported version message in brew).

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Looks like HomeBrew doesn’t disappoint (if you see what I mean)…

PyPlot stopped working properly on macOS Mojave. Whatever I plot using PyPlot, I get a black empty window like below (the title bar is also yellow):

In fact, PyPlot was working properly right after Mojave installation (though the title bar was yellow, the plots were shown correctly), but I think it stopped working after I rebuilt Julia packages…

UPDATE: PyPlot works properly in the Jupyter notebook. Also, matplotlib works properly inside the Python console. Therefore, this problem seems to exist in the process of creating the plot window from REPL.

This is what Apple is calling “Extreme Dark Mode”.


I had the same yellow-black situation. You need to install Python 3.7.1 through installer.