(LTS) version support badges

I am not sure if this is strictly the right place to raise this, but I had a (potentially half-baked) idea and wanted to see what other people thought.

Now that Julia 1.6 is the LTS, there is movement in various packages to change what older version are supported. One high-profile example is SciML, which posted this announcement, which among other things included asking other organizations to also set 1.6 as the lowest supported version of Julia.

Now, I am wondering if it makes sense to create a badge e.g. on JuliaHub (I found this post from last year), indicating which versions are supported. The badge could then be copied to GitHub/ GitLab/ similar. Spontanously, I could see this working by declaration of the package maintainers, or (semi-) automatically by checking CI settings and the Project.toml.

Would this be practical, useful and feasible?

That makes sense!