Lsp-julia in Emacs not finding environment folder

Hi. I’m trying to configure lsp-julia in Emacs.

Supposedly, one has to set the correct value of the variable lsp-julia-default-environment. An example value of this is ~/.julia/environments/v1.0

However, I don’t have any environment folder in my .julia. I guess I can make one, but does anyone then know what to put in v1.0 to get this working?

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I think it’s just to make an empty file. At least that seems to work.

Sometimes what seem like a silly thing to try turns out quite successful!

I think, once you add any packages, that folder will be created, together with files Project.toml and Manifest.toml.

You are absolutely right! I did try to get this to work on a freshly installed computer. Turns out it’s supposed to be a directory with the files you mentioned, which presumably holds information on what to complete etc for the lsp.

Thanks a lot for that!