Looking to create something like pythex

When I was doing advent of code 2020 in julia, I noticed there were no good resource like pythex.org to test out the julia regular expression results. Looking up resources to host a simple web app that can solve this. Can you point me to resources with regards to

  1. creating julia web app (i did looked up, genie, webio, interect); are there blogs/threads/videos that makes creating a no-brainer simple julia web app ?
  2. Hosting services. what are the options other than heroku / aws for hosting julia apps easy

Do you often find that the generic online regex testers do not correspond to Julia’s implementation? I think that Python needs those online tools because their implementation is non-standard (https://stackoverflow.com/a/7066413).

Edit: Julia has Perl compatible regexes (Strings · The Julia Language)


Try this and set to PCRE: https://regexr.com/ (courtesy of @ferrolho)

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I have also found that https://regex101.com/ works quite well for testing Julia regex’s.


Ok. I was under the assumption python regex follows the standard :slight_smile: