Look for help for weird type inference

Hi there, I am the author of ExtensibleEffects.jl and am trying to optimize the package.

I debugged a type-inference instability but am totally puzzled about the behaviour. I cannot easily minify it, but can show it to someone in minutes. Hence I am looking for someone experienced with Julia type-inference with about 30 minutes time so that I can show her/him the issue.

Teaser: I have a function my_func which changes its type inference behaviour depending on whether or not there is another function totally_unrelated_func defined which calls my_func. Please note that totally_unrelated_func is not called at all in the type-inference example, it just matters whether it exists or not for my_func to change its type-inference.

Hoping for some volunteer :slight_smile:


I’m not an expert, but I’ll take a look.


I now created a reproducible example of the weird type inference: Need help with incomprehensible typeinference