Logging messages don't display full array

I have a log message which displays many variables, and I find that some values (e.g. length 3 arrays) don’t show up at all, e.g.

┌ Info: Loss
│   total = 0.29817146330446415
│   losses = 3-element Array{Float64,1}: …

the second log line is totally useless.

It seems that the array is conditionally displayed depending on how many other variables are being recorded. But I can’t find anything about this in the documentation. What’s going on? Is there a way I can force all the values to be displayed in full?

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This is NOT the correct answer - it is a very hacky answer that might work for your purposes.

Instead of this:

@info("Loss", total, losses)

Do this:

@info("Loss", total, repr(losses))

Thanks for the stopgap! It would still be good to know what’s actually going on here, and what the “correct” way to deal with this problem is.

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