LocalRegistry on Azure DevOps


I’m developing some packages. In Python, my workflow for this is as follows:


  • Develop package and start release pipeline in Azure DevOps
  • DevOps publishes the Python Package in the Azure Artifact Feed


  • Use the DevOps predefined workflow to add the local Azure Artifact Feed to the PyPi known indexes.
  • Simply install packages as usual

How would that look like in Julia? As of now, it looks like this:


  • Using LocalRegistry, push the package to the Repository and the LocalRegistry (simply another repository…)

… Here it’s ending for me:

  1. Do I just add the Registry like using Pkg; Pkg.Registry.add(Pkg.RegistrySpec(;url="...myRegistryURL"))
    But if so, how can i forward the required authentication using Azure DevOps?