LocalCoverage.jl -> Function and Branch Coverage

How to generate Function and Branch coverage? It is generating line coverage by default.

It only supports what Julia does. The package is a thin wrapper around julia --code-coverage and lcov.

There is a package for branch coverage: GitHub - bcbi/MicroCoverage.jl: Code coverage generation for Julia, implemented in pure Julia. It comes from earlier package from Stephen Vivasis: GitHub - StephenVavasis/microcoverage. You could probably get function coverage out of the line coverage using LocalCoverage.jl.

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I checked it, but I was not able to generate Code Coverage HTML report because of file ext “microcov”. How can I generate HTML report with Branch Coverage ?

I don’t know how to generate HTML from the branch coverage report. The format is sufficiently different from the standard .cov report that I don’t think it will read without modifying code.