Local package in git submodule

I am working on a project in which I develop a couple of different packages (and also keep a fork of a public package). I wanted to use git sub-modules to keep that in check. Specifically the tree looks something like

├── .git [FOLDER]
├── .gitmodules
├── Manifest.toml
├── Project.toml
├── data
├── scripts
│   └── script.jl
└── src
    ├── Package1
    │   ├── .git [FILE]
    │   ├── Project.toml
    │   └── src
    │       └── Package1.jl
    └── Package2 
        ├── .git [FILE]
        ├── Project.toml
        └── src
            └── Package2.jl

Unfortunately I cannot ]add src/Package1 since it’s not a git repo but a git submodule:

(Project) pkg> add src/Package1
ERROR: Did not find a git repository at `src/Package1`

I could add the remote but that would decouple the commits of the Packages and those of the Project using them which is the exact reason I was trying to do this. Also, that seems overly complicated to be honest.

Is there a solution to this, either from the Julia side or the Git side?

Also, if I’m doing something that should not be done and there is a better way, I don’t mind changing since right now my project is fairly easy to manage and can be switched to another format.

Best regards

The easiest is probably to use dev src/Package1 which would point to that local file path. The second option would be to use add with a subdirectory: add .:src/Package1. Note that they have slight differences: dev uses the current state on the file system while add uses the content of the last commit.


Wow, thank you so much, this is perfect!
And thank you for both suggestions, both will come in extremely handy.

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