Unable to use a local package

I have a github repo “A” without a Manifest.toml and Project.toml

Spent a lot of time tryingt o figure out how to use it, and ended up with the following flow so far:

  1. Julia REPL
  2. cd to project location (inside the repl)
  3. “]” to activate pkg mode
  4. activate . changes the repl prompts to “(ProjectNamed) pkg>”

The problem:
I’m lost in the sense that st and st --manifest show me the dependencies (that i manually added) but when i run precompile, I see everything failing, and the main culprit for each dep seems to be “Missing source fiile for …”

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Please include the error message and the stacktrace. Even if they don’t make sense to you it is usually a necessity for anyone trying to help.

Hi, are you following the expected structure of a julia package? Any folder can be selected as a project, but packages has aditional requirements.

What do you mean by manually added? Your should not see anything with st if you do not have a Manifest.toml; and if you have one then you should be able to run your code with julia --project=. script.jl (if the Manifest.toml is in the same folder).