Local geobox in Albers Equal Area projection in GeoMakie

Hi everyone,

i want to do something very simple: I want to cut out a local map of europe and the atlantic ocaen, but have troubles doing so in GeoMakie and the Documentation is lacking any good examples that do that.

Passing the limits to GeoAxis does not work, my current status is:

using GeoMakie
using GLMakie

lonlims = (-90, 40)
latlims =  extrema(20, 80)

ax = GeoAxis(fig[1, 1], limits=(lonlims, latlims), dest="+proj=aea +lat_1=20 +lat_2=80 +lon_1=-90 +lon_2=40 +lon_0=-25 +lat_0=50")

lines!(ax, GeoMakie.coastlines(); color=:black, transformation=(; translation=(0, 0, 1000)))

I only seem to get a cutout by using proj=merc and passing the limits, why is it not working? Or is this not possible with GeoMakie (altough I remember that it worked a year back with orthographic projection).

Cheers and thanks for the help.