Loading vector data to Gridspace in Agents.jl

I am wondering whether there is a way in Agents.jl to load vector data (using perhaps .shpfile) to something like Grid space. Or is this possbile with open street map space?

For context, what I am trying to do is make an ABM for covid where agents will be in a particular region (postal code) and will interact with other agents and infrastructure in other regions.


I don’t know about Agents.jl but you can easily load the shapefile with GeoIO.jl, and call the Rasterize transform to create the grid, which you can save back to disk and load with Agents.jl (if it already supports grid formats).

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If the relative size of each of the counties is what matters, I wouldn’t even use a grid space; I would use a GraphSpace. Each node is a county. The larger the county the more agents stored in the particular node.

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