Allowing Agents.jl OpenStreetMapSpace to read GeoJSON

Hi I was wondering whether it would be too difficult add GeoJSON reading capabilities to agents.jl’s OpenStreetMapSpace.

I am asking this as open source tools such as QGIS allows easy conversion between shp and GeoJSON file formats. However I haven’t found any easy conversion from .shp to .json, .osm and xml file formats (I maybe wrong though as I am not GIS expert by any means) which is what OpenStreetMapSpace can read.

Particularly in my case I have heavily edited shape-file of the road network of Guadaloupe that I would like to convert JSON so that OpenStreetMapSpace can read. As for downloading using the provided functions isn’t too useful due to the size of the network which would take forever to load/render. Hence why I would like to convert .shp.json which contains less nodes and edges and hence would be easier to read and plot.

I just curious to know if there is work around to read a GeoJSON file in agents.jl?

The reading of OSM data into a Graph is done by LightOSM.jl. As long as that is able to use GeoJSON, then so does Agents.jl. :slight_smile: You should open an issue at the repo and ask for this!

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