Loading time for 2 packages >> sum of individual loading time

Reproducibly I get the following issue:

  • loading just CategoricalArrays takes < 1s;
  • loading just Requires < 1s
  • loading both in the same session takes 8s.

(see screenshot below FWIW)

I tried this with and without Revise in my startup.jl, that doesn’t seem to have an impact.

Any idea what may be causing such a thing and how to fix it? I’m a bit puzzled as both packages are completely unrelated as far as I know?

Also I tried other pairs of packages with each (say Tables+CategoricalArrays or Tables+Requires) and didn’t observe this issue :confused:

Interestingly this problem is completely inexistant with Julia 1.2

Long precompile times seem to be a known issue with Julia 1.3, especially in combination with CategoricalArrays.jl. Definitely sounds like it’s being worked on.


Thanks for the pointer!