Loading a precompiled module does not respect the module import order

I’ve just made a package JuliaPythonAdaptor.jl that helps automatically setting up environment variables required by PythonCall.jl.

Things works pretty fine if I use these two packages in REPL:

# 'JuliaPythonAdaptor.__init__' modifies 'ENV'.
julia> import JuliaPythonAdaptor  

# find the python I specified in $PATH
julia> using PythonCall   

However, it turns out to be difficult when working with precompilation.

Here is an MWE, and you could just create a small package referencing the two packages:

#= install deps: =#
import Pkg

#= my package's main module =#
module MyMWE
import JuliaPythonAdaptor
import PythonCall
end # module

The first time I imported MyMWE, things worked and the package got precompiled. Then, I won’t be able to import MyMWE any more , as JuliaPythonAdaptor.__init__ is not called before loading PythonCall.

Although it is possible to use bash scripts to set environment variables before starting julia, I’d like to use a Julia package to implement the logic. I’m not stick to my current method, but my final goal is to allow using a Julia package to configure the environment before loading PythonCall. (EDIT) dynamically call some Julia code for setup, before loading PythonCall.

I wonder if this is possible without modifying the source code of PythonCall?