LOAD_PATH in 0.7 / nightly


When testing code on a nightly release of Julia, the existence of

push!(LOAD_PATH, "directory")

in ~/.juliarc.jl does not have any effect on the LOAD_PATH variable in the running Julia session.

Is there a way to set up the LOAD_PATH on a system-wide basis, i.e. not by manually putting the push! in each script that is run?


Is it possible that this is because ~/.juliarc.jl is no longer run as it has been moved to ~/.julia/config/startup.jl? The order of setting the load path on startup has not changed.


Thanks for the reply. I’m not sure; there is no


directory on my system, nor is there a config directory in ~/.julia/v0.7 or anywhere else I can think of looking.

Just to be clear, the ~/.juliarc.jl is read as I expected by julia 0.6.2


I think you have to create it.


I understand now, thanks.

I see this is also documented properly at:


so apologies for not seeing that earlier.


No worries, it changed recently and I didn’t bother with a deprecation so it’s my fault in that sense. If someone wants to add a deprecation it would be a nice contribution.