Literate scripts within Documenter cause LiveServer loop

I’m trying to use Literate.markdown to generate pages for Documenter. The repo is here. I’m using the make.jl code below.

using Documenter
using Literate

for file ∈ ["Chapter 1: Dynamics.jl"]
        joinpath(@__DIR__, "..", "src", file),
        joinpath(@__DIR__, "src", "generated")

    sitename = "Control Theory Notes",
    format = Documenter.HTML(),
    authors = "Joe Carpinelli",
    pages = [
        "Introduction" => "",
        "Chapter 1: Dynamics" => joinpath("generated", "Chapter 1:")

    repo      = "",
    devbranch = "main"

When I then call LiveServer.servedocs(), the build tries and fails continuously in a loop, and I see the following error: Warning: couldn't find file "/Users/joey/GitHub/FOSS/ControlTheoryNotes.jl/docs/src/generated/<unknown>/src/Chapter 1: Dynamics.jl" when generating URL. I notice that Literate generates the following at the top of the autogenerated markdown file.

EditURL = "<unknown>/src/Chapter 1: Dynamics.jl"

Could this be the cause of the issue? I’m having trouble debugging this.

Edit: This happens even when specifying the literate keyword argument to LiveServer.servedocs.

# in ControlTheoryNotes.jl
LiveServer.servedocs(; literate = joinpath(@__DIR__, "..", "docs", "src", "generated"))
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