List of supported Julia packages Julia 1.0.x Win32

I could know what are the packages, which without risk of bug, could install in Julia 1.0.X for Windows 32
For Graphics (Visualization),
Calculations, ODE, Linear Algebra, Optimization,… (Superior Mathematics),
and interaction with software R


Exluding the risk of bugs is kind of a tall order.

Can you be more specific about the hardware and the windows version? Why the 32-bit, are you developing for embedded hardware?

this helps?:

May I ask why you are running a 32-bit OS on a fairly recent CPU that is perfectly capable of running a 64-bit one?

This is the PC in the work center! And the INFORMATICS are the ones that install the systems according to the needs of the WORK CENTER
I HAVE REQUESTED THEM and those were the answers
Por lo que debo trabajar con Win32!!!

I would think that most packages work perfectly fine on Win32, since most packages test that configuration on AppVeyor CI. What packages have you tried that is not working?

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The Winston package.
And I had problems to run the ApproxFun package, already solved!

I think he relates to Winston problems which are actually Cairo problems which are actually WinRPM problems which are actually OpenSuse problems.

I see. I think that pure Julia packages should work fine (you should open an issue if they don’t). Regarding visualization, if you can get TeXLive working (I think it has, or had a 32-bit version) then PGFPlotsX should be functional. LinearAlgebra is a standard library so there should be no problem with it, same applies to Statistics. For optimization, I would try Optim.jl.

Note however that not many people are using 32-bit platforms any more, so you may run into issues with packages that depend on external binaries.