List of supported fluids in Clapeyron.jl

I am trying to use the Clapeyron.jl package for Thermodynamic properties.
My question: is there an available list of the fluids that is supported by default?

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It depends on the thermodynamic model you are trying to use. each model uses different databases, so some components aren’t supported by all models. as a guideline, you can check Clapeyron.jl/database at master · ClapeyronThermo/Clapeyron.jl · GitHub for the databases used for each equation of state (they are just CSV with metatada).

For cubic equations of state, you should check properties/critical.csv (around 2000 compounds stored there), almost every other EoS has it’s own folder. for MultiFluid, there are few components supported by default (water and ammonia) but you can load CoolProp (using CoolProp) to access their list of 123 pure components (Pure and Pseudo-Pure fluid properties — CoolProp 6.6.0 documentation)

There is one important point, and that is, while there is information for components, information for mixtures is a whole different challenge. Some EoS are better than others at using mixing rules to predict mixture properties, while there are other approaches (like EoS + GE) that mix one EoS for the pure properties (this is normally known for cubics, but in principle you can do this with any EoS) and an activity coefficient model (also known as excess gibbs model) to provide mixture information. In this particular form, cubic equations + UNIFAC (That predicts mixture properties via group contributions) is particulary useful.

@Sushrut_Deshpande , is it possible to know what types of components do you need?

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Thank you for the detailed response.
I am already using CoolProp.jl but CoolProp.jl doesn’t support mixtures. The mixtures are only supported using wrappers around the CXX version of CoolProp. This is what I would like to avoid.

Hence I am thinking of using Clapeyron.jl. I am generally in need of fluids used for Organic Rankine cycles such as ethanol, propane, acetone etc … But I would like to use them as mixtures. I am interested in generic thermodynamic properties like enthalpy, entropy, … etc

I hope this gives you some idea on what I am trying to do.

hmmm, for that case, maybe you could try PCPSAFT (polar PCSAFT), I saw some good papers using that eq of state. We are missing some kij values (the group that develops that equation recently released a database of around 7000 kij for PCPSAFT, I’m in the process of incorporating it to Clapeyron, hope to have a release by this week)

Also, our Coolprop extension is only used to load the fluid JSON files. The implementation of the fluid properties (the multiparameter formulation) is done in pure Julia. There is also an EoS implementation that mixes multiparameter EoS with a GE model Empiric Helmholtz Models · Clapeyron.jl if you have the pure equations of state, using that model could help you obtain an accurate description of the mixture. The original paper used Clapeyron.COSMOSACdsp,but I suppose a NRTL model could work fine in that case.

Thank you!
I’ll look into this.