CoolProp fluid property database reinforces its availability for Julia users



CoolProp, Is an open-source, cross-platform, reference-quality fluid property database that mirrors many of the functionalities of REFPROP. The codebase is written in C++ and wrappers are available for Python and C#. A DLL is also available for calling from other languages. It is currently the only open-source package that implements the extended corresponding states model for transport properties.

I’m pleased to announce that CoolProp is currently preparing itself to be a Julia registered package, [discussion here] ( Most recent works is pushed here (Need your contribution).

Any advice and suggestions will be greatly appreciated
Reza Afzalan

CoolProp Papers:


This is awesome! Thanks. Coolprop is one of the things I’ve been missing most
since switching mostly away from python.

@DANA-Laboratory, did you mean to link to rather than ? What still needs to happen before
you’re comfortable registering the package?


We discussed it to some extent here.


Yep, I saw that discussion. Still not entirely clear to me what needs to be done
before its ready to be registered. I want to know if there’s something I can do
to help.


For me it was ready at the time, the only thing was I do not have enough free time to support this kind of works, although I love it.